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You can expect online music marketing advice, insight, reviews, news, training and guides for established and aspiring Independent Hip Hop Artists and Producers Worldwide!

Why? To help you get ahead in the underground rap game! We show you how to turn strangers into fans and fans into potential customers.

Who is this Blog for?

This is for the rappers, the producers, the under-rated and unknown, the independent, the ones who push forward and aren’t afraid to invest in themselves to achieve their dreams, the ones who go unnoticed by the masses but create music that’s worthy for the world. They create, they persist, they work, they play, they struggle, they dream, they succeed.

They…are Hip Hop Musicpreneurs

What Is a Hip Hop Musicpreneur?

A Hip Hop Musicpreneur is a multi-skilled, independent, Hip Hop Artist or Producer who handles the creative and entrepreneurial aspect of their music career for the purpose of creating revenue streams.


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  •   Always giving helpful information that helps artist reach goals and achieve growth in our fan base

    thumb Eric Ibarra
  •   I like Johnny's advice it's very useful when it comes to being better at marketing.

    thumb Adam Williams
  •   Great Source For Real Tips And Advice On How To Move Strategically In This Music Game!

    thumb Antione Johnson
  •   Johnny Fame is incredible. The knowledge he shares is beyond description if you don't walk away better then it's on you.. He has so many tid bits of info to grow your career. Keep up the great work.

    thumb Tracy Alegria
  •   He gives out really good advice you just gotta be willing to put in the time to make his techniques work for ya and expand your brand.

    thumb Ross Kristopher Abraham
  •   I was a struggling artist/producer/mixing engineer. I became friends with Johnny maybe sometime last year. What this man does for artists is like none other. He gives knowledge that you can actually put action into and yield the specific results he mentioned would happen. Best of all he's not some automatic cocky hard to get to guy. Communicating with him is fast and reliable! Looking to get into his one on one marketing course!

    thumb Isaiah Vickers
  •   The information shared by Johnny Fame is relevant, insightful and goes the extra mile in educating the independent artist.

    thumb Stella Knight
  •   Thanks for all your help Johnny. I appreciate you.

    thumb Rick Doza
  •   Johnny Fame is straight legit marketing insight! His information is straightforward, correct, and versatile outside of just Hip hop. When I first started following Johnny Fame I noticed he was passionate about helping musicians and artists reach the next level by not giving them handouts but by giving knowledge instead. If you're looking into Johnny Fame because you are unsure; believe me when I say it is worth it to read his info and interacting with him. Much love, keep your head up, and most important, never give up! Take care, JaeWhompus

    thumb Jae Whompus
  •   Johnny Fame's music promotion technique have helped me gain geniuine fans since I start applying the method he give for free on his FB page. He is the kind of man who genuinely want you (artist/producer/singer/rapper) to make it in the music industry. I'm truly grateful for all the lesson and technique he shared. Thank you so much fam. God bless.

    thumb Mohd Zameer