Hip Hop Music Promotion Rule That’ll Boost Your Exposure Online

Did you know there’s a Hip Hop Music Promotion rule to promoting yourself that will drastically change the amount of people that see you?

Did you also know that almost every unknown hip hop artist remains unknown because they have been using this rule the wrong way?

I’m gonna show you one simple Hip Hop Music Promotion rule that’ll drastically boost your exposure online. So keep reading if you’re ready for some real results.

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I know many artists that have the big dream of releasing an album or mixtape and becoming a success.
The truth is, they make good music.

But are they using the right promotion process?

Not at all.

Here’s the process they use to get heard online.

  • They make a new song or mixtape
  • They upload it to youtube
  • They share it in facebook groups, on their fan page and with their friends.
  • They post their links in everyone’s comments and time lines
  • They tweet it on twitter
  • They don’t get any views, plays, shares or retweets
  • They make a new song or mixtape
  • They go through the whole process all over again.hamter-wheel

So what keeps them stuck on this hamster wheel (I call it the SPAMster wheel) doing the same thing over and over and over again with no real results.?

Why do they keep making more songs and promoting them the same way?

There’s three reasons they do this.


They think that their “fans” must not like their new song/mixtape so they rush to make a new one after a week or so. Because maybe, just maybe, their “fans” will like the new one better and listen to it, share it, or buy it.


They hear their own songs so much that they label them as “my old shit” so they rush to make a new song or mixtape because they believe that because the song is old to them, that it’s also old to the rest of the world that has never even heard of the song yet.


They believe that making more music more often will give them a better chance of being heard. They figure, if they have 50+ songs online all over the place, it’s bound to get heard by everyone.

ACTION STEP:  Before you get any results, you MUST change your false beliefs. Your own beliefs are holding you back from success. If you have any of the beliefs that I mentioned above, start working on killing off those beliefs NOW.

So keep it real with yourself.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Does it make sense to keep making more songs and “promoting” them to small amounts of followers?

Does it make sense to think that by creating more music you will be creating more fans?

For some crazy reason they think they can make new songs every day/week, upload them to youtube, post some links on facebook, send out a few tweets and BOOM! Flocks of screaming fans will come running, knocking everything over in their way just to share, retweet, and buy their music.

And what’s worse is, after they go through that process, they repeat the whole thing all over again…even though they didn’t get any results the first 200 times around. sheeeesh.

You’re probably asking, what’s wrong with making songs every week and posting them online? Isn’t that how you get exposure?


Just about every unknown hip hop artist uses the same process.  That’s why they’re  still stuck in neutral and letting their false beliefs push them in the wrong direction.

But it’s not totally their fault. And if you are using that similar process, it’s not your fault either. They do it because that’s what they see everyone else do and that’s what they read online from people who just have no idea what their talking about.

I see it every day all over the internet because I study and watch the behavior of unknown independent hip hop artists. I study them to be able to know what they are doing wrong so that I can steer them in the right direction.

Few artists get it right. The ones who get it right are the ones you hear about all the time. they learned the right process and used it.

I’m gonna  tell you how to jump off the SPAMster wheel and fix this problem, but before I do let me answer the core question…

…Why does that process not work?

Because the process is COMPLETELY BACKWARDS.

Here’s why…

  1. Most of you don’t have a large enough following to promote your music to in the first place.
  2. You’re wasting valuable time constantly making new music that isn’t getting heard.
  3. You’re blindly promoting your music in too many places that won’t get real results.
  4. You’re wasting good music by labeling it as “old” when no one has ever heard it.
  5. You spend more time making music than promoting it.
  6. You’re promoting your music the wrong way.

So how do I fix the problem?


The 80/20 Hip Hop Music Promotion Rule

The 80/20 Hip Hop Music Promotion rule is simply this. You put 80% effort into one thing and 20% effort into another

Every artist follows the 80/20 rule. The problem is that they follow it completely backwards and put most of their effort into the wrong things.

What most unknown hip hop artiwhat most artists dosts do is…

  1. They CREATE content 80% of the time.
  2. Then they PROMOTE that content 20% of the time

That’s backwards and doesn’t get real results.

NOTE: (anything you create and post online is your content. Videos, songs, interviews, articles, etc..)

If you want real results you MUST…what you must do

  1. CREATE content 20% of the time.
  2. PROMOTE your content 80% of the time.

It’s that simple!

Example: A rapper made 3 good songs. He chose one of those songs and promoted it everyday online for months until his fingers hurt. Once he gained a satisfactory amount of fans he did two things.

Thing 1: He promoted his other two songs to his new fanbase

Thing 2 He sold them his music and merchandise

Why does this rule work compared to the SPAMster wheel method?

Because it’s the method mainstream artists use to move up in the music ranks.

The 80/20 Hip Hop Music Promotion rule is a law of marketing. Just like the law of gravity says, what goes up must come down.

It’s the same with the 80/20 rule. What you promote the most, gets more exposure and attention. Period.

Think about it. When a mainstream artist makes a single or an album, they promote it until you get sick of it. You hear it and see it everywhere. Radio, internet, TV, concerts, ect..

Sometimes you hate the song but you hear it so much that you catch yourself singing it. (I hate when that happens)

That’s how much they promote that ONE song. It becomes ingrained into your mind.

They don’t make a single, then post a few links online and say….

“This song is old, I need to stop promoting it and make a new one to promote,. maybe it will do better”

Yes, they already have a large following that will listen to their music, but when they had no one, they started from the bottom and the record companies followed the 80/20 Hip Hop Music Promotion rule to get them in a position to gain that large following that they now have.

Now doesn’t this way make a lot more sense than the SPAMster wheel method?

Now there is a certain way you have to promote your music to be able to get real loyal fans that may possibly buy whatever you offer them.

But we will talk about that in another blog post in the weeks to come.

So for now this is what you need to do if you want your promotional efforts to get you some results that count.

  1. Change your beliefs. It’s the root cause of failure.
  2. Always follow the 80/20 Hip Hop Music Promotion rule. Promote more than you create.
  3. When you create, take the time to create good quality content. Good content is much easier to promote and gets attention.

Here’s 2 things I want you to do

Thing 1:

In the comment section below tell me if you know anyone who has been using the 80/20 rule backwards and if it has got them any real results…even if it’s you. You don’t have to mention any names. And don’t worry we’re here to help you, not judge you.

Thing 2:

If you know someone who you think might benefit from this knowledge, share this article with them below.

Talk to you soon!

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Big C

I’m loving this info! I been creating way too much music and not promoting it enough. I’m gonna start using this 80/20 rule. Thanks!!!


Yes i love the 80/20 rule. It makes sooo much more sense. Ive been creating more than promoting! You really helped me out ,truly thankful


Thanks and I promote like hell. But I run my own label too myself, so what am I doing wrong?


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P Da Gift

This info is a wake up call and much appreciated, Thanks for sharing! P.D.G.