How Did Eminem Meet Dre? How to Get Discovered – The “Shady” Formula

If you wanna  know how to get discovered by major influencers with the possibility of them telling their connections about you and your music, The “Shady” Formula is the answer

You see, getting heard by influencers requires a certain feature. A feature that’s hidden in plain site; in the words of Eminem in the video below.

But it gets better…

If you’re asking yourself, how did Eminem meet Dre? What If I showed you the real reason as to how Eminem got heard by Dr. Dre, and showed you step-by-step how you can use the same formula to get heard by influencers?

Keep reading.

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How Did Eminem Meet Dre?

Watch this short video and see if you can pinpoint how Dre really found Eminem…Hint: It’s not what you think

Did you figure it out?

Here’s a quote from another interview with a little more detail.

I was in the Rap Olympics and there was some kids from Interscope there. I had an EP out and slipped them a tape. They gave it to Jimmy Iovine [president of Interscope Records], and Jimmy took it home with him. He was living with it for a couple of days before Dre came over [to Iovine’s house]. He seen it on the floor, picked it up, popped the tape in, and listened to it, and was like, ‘How do we find this guy?’ It just so happened that I was out [in L.A.] two or three days later, rhyming on the radio.  -Eminem

So how did Dre really find Eminem?

The secret is behind his words.

  • “I was in the Rap Olympics”
  • “I had an EP out and slipped them a tape”
  • “I was out [in L.A.]”
  • “rhyming on the radio”

What does this mean?

Dre didn’t find Em because Em was a dope rapper. There’s a lot of dope rappers that never get discovered. Nor did Em run into Dre by a sheer stroke of luck.

Dre heard and found Em because Em was intentionally and consistently putting himself in a position to be heard and found. He created his destiny by doing certain things in a certain way. He created his luck. Luck didn’t happen to him, he intended it.

Eminem knew what needed to be done if he wanted to get heard. So he decided long before he was discovered, that he was gonna do whatever it took to make that happen. He went for broke.

We can sum up what Eminem did in four words. He took strategic action.

Entrepreneur, best-selling author, philanthropist and the nation’s #1 Life and Business Strategist, Tony Robbins said it best…

“The path to success is to take massive, determined action”

The question is, How can you take massive, determined and consistent action so that you can get the attention of an influencer like Eminem did? The answer is simple. Use what I call The “Shady” Formula

How to Use The “Shady” Formula to Get the Attention of Influencers

So here’s what I want you to do. I want you to use The “Shady” Formula for the next 60 days and try to get the attention of only one important person. An influencer.

What is The “Shady” Formula?

The “Shady” Formula is a step by step system that you can use over and over again to try to get the attention of influencers online. The “Shady” Formula is an online strategy, so you will be using Twitter for this.

Here’s what it can do for you:

  • Get influencers to notice you. Sometimes more than one. Even though you are only targeting only one.
  • Get you more followers
  • Get you more retweets and mentions

Why it works:

The “Shady” Formula works because it targets mutual interests. When influencers notice that an other person they are following mentions, retweets, or replies to you, it will cause them to take notice of you.

The “shady ” Formula is based on the psychological fact that people are more likely to be more susceptible to paying attention to something from someone they already know, trust, or are involved with in some way. It’s like you’re being referred to them by a friend. In the steps below I’m going to show you exactly how to do this.

The “Shady” Formula requires you to take 4 actions consistently and with massive persistence

  1. Gear Up:  “I had an EP “
  2. Show Up: “I was in the Rap Olympics”
  3. Hang Out: “I was out [in L.A.]”
  4. Broadcast: “slipped them a tape”/”rhyming on the radio”

This is a long term strategy. so it can take months to make it happen. Just remember, Eminem didn’t make it happen over night either. If it doesn’t work with the first person you try it on, then move on to the next influencer. Keep going until someone engages with you. Lets get started.

How to GEAR UP

The first thing you have to do is set up your twitter profile so that if you end up getting the attention of influencers your music is the first thing they see.

STEP 1: Chose your BEST song. Preferably a music video on Youtube or a Sound Cloud song.

STEP 2: Tweet the song and pin it to your twitter profile. When you pin a tweet it always shows up as the first tweet people see when they go to your profile.

Go to the tweet of your song and click the three little dots on the tweet, then click “Pin to your profile page”. Now your song will be the first thing everyone sees when they go to your profile.


How to SHOW UP

STEP 1: Go to twitter and create a list.  A list is simply a list of people you add to a specific list that you create. When you do this you will be able to see all of the tweets of the people you chose to add to your list.

Click on your icon and then click LISTS


Now click on CREATE NEW LIST


Name your list, give it a cool description, set it to private and save your list.


STEP 2: Figure out who’s the main persons attention you want to get. Follow that person on twitter and make note of their Twitter handle. Be strategic when choosing the influencer you want to get the attention of.

Don’t shoot for anyone that’s too mainstream or famous. Think mid level influencers, not high level. It will be much easier to get their attention.. A good rule to go by is not to target an influencer who has more than 500k followers.

Now go to the twitter page of the influencer that you chose and add them to your list.

Click on the settings icon on their page and then click on “add or remove from lists”


The box below will pop up. Put a check next to the list you created and then click the X at the top to close the box. Do not click “create a list”


After you do this, you will now be able to click on lists as shown in step 1 and be able to click the name of your list and see everything that the specific people you have added to that list have tweeted. As of right now you should have only added the influencer you are trying to target.

STEP 3: Go to and sign in with your twitter account. It’s free.

Type in the twitter handle of your chosen influencer in the “Analyze Twitter’s profile of @” box.


STEP 4: You’re going to focus on 2 sections of the stats that pop up.

First go to the section that says USERS MOST RETWEETED. This shows you all the people your influencer retweets the most. FOLLOW all of them and add them to the list you created by using the steps above.

You are adding them because they will be the main ones you engage with (retweet, like, mention etc..)

By engaging with the people that your influencer retweets the most, you’re setting yourself up to be retweeted, mentioned, followed, and liked by those people. And if they engage with you, your influencer will see it…and since he retweets them the most…something they tweet you in it may get retweeted by your influencer also….the result? Lots of attention!


STEP 5: Go to the section at the bottom that shows the days and times. This tells you exactly what days and times your infuencer is most active on twitter.

Study their schedule and take note of all the days and times. You’re going to need them for the next step.


You just followed everyone and added them to your new list. You just took the first action. You showed up on all their twitter accounts as a follower.


The Headlight Technique. The purpose of this technique is to get the right people to notice you. It’s like having your headlights pointed right at them so it’s hard for them to not see you.

Now you have everyone you need on your list. This will be your new hang out where you will strategically try to get the attention of as many of them as possible.

STEP 1:: Go to your newly created list and Start retweeting anything that you’re interested in of theirs. Reply to all their tweets, like all their tweets.

Make them notice you. Do this everyday multiple times a day. The more you do this, the more likely they will be to take notice of you. Be sure to engage with them on the TIMES and DAYS that your influencer is most likely to be on twitter by using the stats you learned about them above.

If you want to go a step further, you can study each one of their schedules also and engage with them when they are most likely to be on also.


Start tweeting your own tweets multiple times a day. Also make sure to do  this when your influencer is on based on the stats your found out about him/her

Do not only tweet about your music. Post positive quotes and other content. A good rule to go by is to post normal tweets 80% of the time and post tweets about your music 20% of the time.

And that’s it. That’s how you use The “Shady” Formula to get the attention of influencers.

Now I have a question for you? How long have you been trying to get discovered? Leave a Facebook comment below and let me know. 

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