How to Promote Your Music | The Art of Hip Hop Music Promotion War

There’s a huge war going on in the unsigned music industry world. Unsigned Artists from all over the world are battling for attention and a chance to get their foot in the door.

They all seek one thing. Success. Can the success they’re fighting so hard for be achieved or is it only for those who are already recognized in the game?

The answer is simple, success can only be achieved by following a set of rules. The rules of war.

Like war, Hip Hop music promotion has rules that must the followed. In war, the goal is to win by all means necessary, to push ahead until the war is won.

In war there are any battles, But losing battles is not the same as losing the war.

In this 4 part series, I’m gonna show you how to take Sun Tzu’s rules for war from his book “The Art of War”, and apply them to music promotion.

In his book, Sun Tzu breaks down the concise science of war strategy. In this blog series, I will break down the concise science of Hip Hop Music Promotion strategy.

Every week I will release a new part.

Click Part 1 below to read.

(Titles in grey are coming soon)

Part 1: Laying Plans | Waging War | Attack by Stratagem

Part 2: Tactical Dispositions | Energy | Weak Points and Strong

Part 3: Maneuvering | Variation in Tactics | The Army on the March

Part 4: Terrain | The 9 Situations | The Attack by Fire | The use of spies

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