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You can expect online music marketing advice, insight, reviews, news, training and guides for established and aspiring Independent Hip Hop Artists and Producers Worldwide!

Why? To help you get ahead in the underground rap game! We show you how to turn strangers into fans and fans into potential customers.

Who is this Blog for?

This is for the rappers, the producers, the under-rated and unknown, the independent, the ones who push forward and aren’t afraid to invest in themselves to achieve their dreams, the ones who go unnoticed by the masses but create music that’s worthy for the world. They create, they persist, they work, they play, they struggle, they dream, they succeed.

They…are Hip Hop Musicpreneurs

What Is a Hip Hop Musicpreneur?

A Hip Hop Musicpreneur is a multi-skilled, independent, Hip Hop Artist or Producer who handles the creative and entrepreneurial aspect of their music career for the purpose of creating revenue streams.


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  •   Johnny Fame is straight legit marketing insight! His information is straightforward, correct, and versatile outside of just Hip hop. When I first started following Johnny Fame I noticed he was passionate about helping musicians and artists reach the next level by not giving them handouts but by giving knowledge instead. If you're looking into Johnny Fame because you are unsure; believe me when I say it is worth it to read his info and interacting with him. Much love, keep your head up, and most important, never give up! Take care, JaeWhompus

    thumb Jae Whompus
  •   Real info from someone that isn't seeking to burn out an artist's budget. Appreciate your realness big ups Johnny Fame!!

    thumb Arif Ali
  •   Johnny Fame is a #majorkey if you not taking notes 📝 idk what tf yall doin.. He has endless information to help you along your journey.. #follow #subscribe #like #tag a #artist

    thumb Sheemo Watkins
  •   I ran into Johnny Fame on fb not too long ago but not recently either lol and I have to let you guys know, the content on his page is super helpful. Most of what he post are easy steps you can do to get to a higher level whether your an artist or a producer. He's also very reachable and will actually engage with you , annndd he has so many other cool, helpful, and motivating ideas and articles to help you succeed if you feel your in that blank space unsure what to do. But he man Johnny Fame and his content is great, I promise you'll walk away with some knowledge and tools you didnt have before!

    thumb Josh DatBoyia Brooks
  •   Practical content and strategies. I got the Facebook Superfan Formula and saw results in the first post I made.

    thumb Alex Zayne
  •   He gives out really good advice you just gotta be willing to put in the time to make his techniques work for ya and expand your brand.

    thumb Ross Kristopher Abraham
  •   Dopest dude ever. Make sure you hit him up for pointers, tips, etc. You'll thank him later. 💯

    thumb ArkyHeartless TheRebel Boudiere
  •   The information shared by Johnny Fame is relevant, insightful and goes the extra mile in educating the independent artist.

    thumb Stella Knight
  •   Best advise I've gotten concerning the music industry!

    thumb Winston Campbell
  •   Very helpful & intelligent dude, most definitely somebody i plan on working with

    thumb Wayne Gibbons