How to Persuade Strangers and Fans to Share Your Music Without Resistance

If you wanna know the easiest way to get people to share your music on social media with very little resistance, Pre-suasive Openers are the answer.

Pre-suasive Openers are used by the best marketers in the world to persuade their leads and customers to take a specific action at the exact moment that they want them to take it.

As an unknown artist,  sometimes it’s hard to get people to listen to and share your music.

This is how it usually plays out…

…you post your music, you ask them to share it, they ignore your request.

But, what if I showed you how to use Pre-suasive Openers to get strangers and fans to share your music at the exact moment you want them to do it?

Keep reading.

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The Secret to Getting Your Music Shared: The Pre-suasive Opener, Confirmation Bias, and The Positive Test Strategy

I recently ran into some psychological studies by Bolkan and Anderson in a Journal called “Basic and Applied Social Psychology”

This study lead me on a long research path. Although this study had nothing to do with music, I instantly realized that what I found could be used in the marketing and promotion of your music.

So I tested the strategy. And the results were shocking. Out of the 39 people I asked to share a link, 32 of them took action and shared it. That’s 82%. And those shares all happened in less than an hour.

I’m gonna tell you more about the study I found, how I was able to do what they did, and how you can use the same strategy to get your music shared.

But first let me give you a quick explanation of some important terms:  Pre-suasive Opener, Confirmation Bias, and the Positive Test Strategy.

This is key information you need to know to make this work for you.

Pre-sausive Opener

A Pre-suasive Opener is a simple question that is asked BEFORE you make a specific request to get someone to take a specific action, such as sharing your music.

It’s a question that gets them ready to be easily persuaded by your request when your request is made. It softens them up before you ask them to share your music.

“Pre-suasive Opener” is a term I learned from Robert Cialdini, an expert in the art of influence and author of the best seller “Influence”

Confirmation Bias and The Positive Test Strategy

Confirmation Bias: is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one’s preexisting beliefs or hypotheses.

It is a type of cognitive bias and a systematic error of inductive reasoning.

People display this bias when they gather or remember information selectively, or when they interpret it in a biased way.

The effect is stronger for emotionally charged issues and for deeply entrenched beliefs.

The Positive Test Strategy: Proves that HOW a question is asked has a major influence on HOW we answer that question and what conclusions we come to.

How I Got 32 of 39 People to Share My Link in Less Than an Hour

I’m gonna give you a quick overview of the study I found. After That, I’m gonna share screen shots of the amazing results I got from using this simple strategy.

The Bolkan and Anderson Study

(Bolkan S. S., and P. A. Anderson, 2009. “Image Induction and Social Influence: Explication and Initial Tests, 31: 317-24.)

In this study, they approached people and asked them if they would participate to answer some survey questions.

Of the people these scientists asked to take part in their survey, only 29% of them agreed.

So they ran the test again to a different group of people. But this time, they used a Pre-suasive Opener. They simply stopped people and asked them “Do you consider yourself a helpful person?”

Almost everyone answered “yes”.

As soon as the test subjects answered yes to the Pre-suasive Opener question, the researchers jumped on the opportunity and asked them if they could “help” with their survey.

What was the result? 77.3% of them voluntarily agreed to take the survey.

Here’s What Happened When I Put This Strategy to the Test

  • I posted a status on facebook and set the privacy to “Friends Only”.
  • In this post I explained to them that I was going to run a test for a new strategy.
  • I told them the test would consist of 3 Facebook posts that would be posted at specific times and that the post they were reading was POST #1
  • I did not tell them what the strategy was or how it worked.
  • I told them that all they needed to do was answer one question “Do you consider yourself to be someone who likes to help other people?

So what happened when I asked them “Do you consider yourself to be someone who likes to help other people?

Almost everyone answered “yes”

The question is, why did they all say yes?

They said yes because of Confirmation Bias and the WAY the question was asked (The Positive Test Strategy).

The question asked for them to tell me if they were “helpful”. It only gave them ONE option to choose from. “Helpful”. This is called a “Single-Chute Question” because it has bias built into it. It’s one sided.

When someone is asked if they believe they are helpful, their focus is only on the memories of the times when they were helpful, bringing them to the conclusion that they are in fact a helpful person.

If I would have asked the question differently, such as “Do you believe yourself to be helpful or unhelpful?” Giving them two options, I would not have got the POSITIVE certain “yes” response I was looking for to make this strategy work.

How I Got Them to Share Post #2

After I asked them my Pre-suasive Opener single-chute question.

  • I Waited about 2 hours and posted POST #2. Privacy set to “friends only”
  • I tagged 39 people in the post who answered “yes” to my Pre-sausive Opener question. NOTE: over 100 people answered yes to my question. But I chose to only tag a small amount becauase most unknown artists have smaller followings and I want to show you it can work for you too.
  • 32 of the 39 people I tagged shared the post.

In POST #2, I simply asked them to share my link with their friends. But I did something else too.

I TRIGGERED their natural human inclination to be consistent with their own beliefs about themselves.

In POST #1 when I asked them to answer my Pre-suasive Opener question. “Do you consider yourself to be someone who likes to help other people?” They all answered with a clear and certain “yes”. They admitted this in the comments in front of hundreds of other artists.

In POST #2, by me saying “Can you do me a very Helpful favor and click the share button”. They now feel the need to prove that they are truly a helpful person. They naturally have to stay consistent with their beliefs about themselves. Which is, that they are helpful.

This also proves a point that I’ve been trying to get artists to understand. Tagging people only works well when you do it strategically, not randomly.

But Johnny, you have a lot of followers and you’re likeable. Of course they’re gonna share whatever you post.

Not true. Which is why I created POST #3. In the final step of the test, here’s what I did.

  • I posted a different link as I normally would when I post a link on Facebook and set the privacy to “Public” to see how many people would share it. NOTE: I instructed the people on my friend list (those who saw post #1 and #2) NOT to engage with POST #3. They couldn’t like, share, or comment on POST #3. I did this so that way you can see how my 3,000+ followers who knew nothing about this test would react to a normal post without being asked a Pre-suasive Opener question.
  • Within one hour only 4 people shared the link, compared to 32 people sharing in an hour with my Pre-suasive Opener question.

How You Can Get Strangers and Fans to Share Your Music: Step By Step

Now it’s time to show you how you can get strangers and fans to share your music. Lets jump right in.

Step 1: Get your Pre-suasive Opener Question Ready

Ask this question in a Facebook post:

“Do you consider yourself the type of person who likes to help other people?”

Here’s formula you can follow if you want to test and create your own Pre-suasive Opener to persuade people to take specific actions.

Do you consider yourself to be a [type of person] person?

Example [Target Words]: Outgoing, happy, sad, adventurous, helpful etc..

Example: “Do you consider yourself to be an adventurous person?”  Would be a good question if you want someone to listen to one of your new songs.

Make sure to ask it at a time when the most people are on Facebook. I’ll give you a basic time to post your question, but since everyone’s audience is different, it’s best to post at a time when you know YOUR friends and followers are most likely to be on.

I recommend you post anytime after 5pm EST.

STEP 2: Post your Song or Video

After you ask your Pre-sausive Opener questions.

  • Wait one hour
  • Write down all the names of the people who answered with a “Yes”
  • Post your song or video
  • Tag all of the people who said yes.

When you post your song or video, say this in the post:

“I was wondering if you could help me with something? This is a new song I just made. Can you do me a very helpful favor and share it with your friends? Thank you for being good people. It’s much appreciated.”

Always make sure to use your target word in the post. If you asked them if they think they are helpful, then make sure to use the word help or helpful in the post you want them to share. This is done to trigger their memory and the consistency of their beliefs.

Step 3: Thank Them Again

Every time someone shares the post, go to the shares and react to it with the LOVE button. This is your way of saying thank you to them for sharing it.

How Often Should I Use This Strategy?

Use this strategy only once or twice a month. If you do it more than that it will be too much and people will start to see what you’re doing.

I recommend you only use this strategy for a new release or event, And NO. If you’re the type of artist that makes 10 new songs every month, that doesn’t mean to use this strategy for every song you make. It will only hurt your chances of the song being shared.

Now I Have a Question for you

What are your beliefs and experiences with tagging people in your music? I would love to hear your point of view. Leave a comment below.

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